Account Manager

Join the sales team of a growing and innovative Language Service Provider in the Greater Chicago Area. Argo Translation is not your typical language services firm. We have been pushing the limits of the industry for almost three decades, and now our team is looking for the right sales talent to help us meet our aggressive growth goals. Specifically, we are looking for an Account Manager to nurture and grow the relationships with our existing customer base.

At Argo, our service offerings and commitment to quality are second to none.

  • ISO 17100, 13485, and 9001 registered
  • Our On-time project delivery rate of 99.6%
  • Full-service website localization, CMS connectors, mobile application, and software localization
  • Video subtitling and narration
  • E-learning localization
  • Telephonic interpretation
  • Fully integrated CRM (HubSpot) and production platforms for faster response times
  • Access to Hubspot Sales Module and SalesIntel for sales enablement
  • Unparalleled transparency in proposals and cutting-edge reporting capabilities
  • Annual reports with links to project files
  • Very detailed proposal formats
  • Automated compliance reporting
  • Our all-new customer dashboard featuring real-time project status, access to quotes, sales orders, and invoices, annual spend by language, and monthly spending infographic


  • Generous base package commensurate with your experience
  • Commission is set as follows (calculated on gross margin): New clients: 10% for year 1, 8% for year 2. Nominated accounts: Choice of 10 target accounts for 3%. Portfolio growth: 3% of increase over the quarterly average of your portfolio
  • Bonuses
  • 100% coverage of Health and Dental Insurance
  • 3% minimum salary match on 401k
  • Paid vacation
  • Flextime
  • Work from home options
  • Student loan reimbursement

The ideal candidate is a motivated, organized, and creative individual who welcomes the challenges of nurturing key customer relationships. You will nurture key customer relationships, identify business opportunities within those accounts, and close business deals while maintaining extensive knowledge of our company and our service offerings.

Key Responsibilities

  • Mentors and leans on the team of project managers to support end-customer translation needs
  • Collaborates with outside sales to identify opportunities to grow existing accounts
  • Performance goals are based on the incremental growth of existing accounts and end-customer satisfaction
  • Monitors spending levels of existing clients and looks for growth opportunities and to resolve decreases in spending
  • Monitors news stories about our clients and their industries so we can provide value and monitor trends that impact our relationship


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
  • 2 to 5 years of account management experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Translation industry experience is a plus
  • HubSpot CRM or similar experience is a plus

As part of the screening process, you will be asked to take a 2-part 20-minute evaluation.

How to Apply

  • Please complete this short survey to start the application process



  • 担任所有类型翻译管理项目的主要联系人。
  • 与内部团队成员和分包译员合作,以确保项目顺利完成。 监督项目运行的各个方面,以确保按时交付给客户。
  • 管理时间表、预算和资源。 与分包译员和客户沟通项目相关的问题和事项。
  • 与销售团队一起寻找新的机会,深化客户关系。 定期以书面和口头形式报告项目状态。
  • 候选人必须有能力提供卓越的客户服务。 我们最重要的核心价值观之一与“加一”的理念有关,即为每个项目做出额外的积极贡献。


  • 本科以上学历,最好是语言相关专业
  • 渴望在基于团队的协作环境中工作
  • 能够分清任务主次,同时处理多项任务,独当一面
  • 能在快节奏、截止日期驱动的环境中保持积极的态度


  • 具有竞争力的薪资,每年第6个月和第12个月进行绩效考核
  • 免费的健康和牙科保险
  • 含有额外津贴的401k计划
  • 学生贷款偿还计划
  • 每季度向生产经理汇报
  • 具有协作环境的现代办公室
  • 弹性工作时间,可选择在家工作


  • 您将通过此链接完成一项简短的调查,上传您的简历并参加评估测试。


Currently seeking translators and editors in all languages. Please review the requirements and responsibilities and begin the application process by clicking the Apply Now button below.


  • Serve as a subcontracted resource for multiple projects
  • Work with Argo’s Project Managers to provide high-quality translation while using client-provided terminology and translation memory resources
  • 使用WordBee翻译管理软件
  • 与Argo的项目经理密切合作,处理客户审核结果和反馈
  • 必须确保满足截止日期要求


  • At least 5 years of experience as a translator/editor
  • 必须熟悉翻译管理软件(我们可以提供WordBee培训)
  • 有特定领域经验者优先,某些类型的项目可能需要这种经验